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From to one-on-one leadership training to department-wide motivation seminars, our work gets results and inspires employees. Whether you’re looking to improve your company’s processes, communication or culture, Capital City Consultants offers customized, proven programs guaranteed to take your team to the next level.


Conflict Resolution

For many businesses and their employees, conflict simply comes with the territory. Now more than ever, conflict resolution is critical to an organization's success, reputation and longevity. Where does conflict stem from? How does it affect productivity and morale? We dive deep into your company's structure, people and processes to discover what, where, when and how conflict can resolved.

Team Building

Collaboration, communication and trust are the backbone of any team. In business and in life, the ability to sacrifice ego in order to solve a shared problem is an invaluable skill to learn and master. Do you find yourself leading and managing a team that lacks chemistry? Perhaps it's time to stop delegating and start listening to how your people work and interact with one another. Together, we will transform your department or group of co-workers into an efficient, effective and cohesive team.


Motivation and Productivity

Motivation is an inside job, and it starts with the little things. Inspiring your employees and creating a culture of efficiency doesn't happen overnight. It is earned and nurtured over time. In this transformative seminar, we will teach you how to plant the seed of motivation through freedom of failure, authentic engagement and personal incentives.


Being a true leader requires being a listener and motivator. The best managers know that earning trust is the key to loyalty, and trust is not earned by being a taskmaster or drill sergeant. Through one-on-one coaching or management-level workshops, we explore the tangible actions and intangible mindset of world-class leaders, coaches and managers.

Stress Management

It is often said that the quality of a person is determined by the manner in which they react to stressful situations. Stress is not unhealthy. In fact, it is man's secret to survival. Without stress, there would be no innovation. Whether it's physically taking control of your body through breathing exercises or strengthening your mental fortitude and adjusting your mindset, this workshop is designed to equip you and your team with the skill necessary to absorb and pivot in stressful scenarios.


Time Management

There are countless excuses and irrationalities we distract ourselves with in order to justify our inefficiencies. Learn to block out time for "deep work" and deflect time-wasting activities at home and in the workplace. Take a close look at your day, week, month, quarter and year. Where can we trim the fat and consolidate to get the most out of our time.


Interpersonal Communication

When intent becomes lost in translation, problems arise and resentment grows. Whether verbal or non-verbal, communicating effectively is the key to achieving results, saving time and improving relationships. Learn what makes world-class communicators stand out from the average ones, and how you can adopt habits that stick.


Presentation Skills

Great leaders throughout history all have one thing in common: they were master class orators and showmen. People fear public speaking more than they fear death. Through the tips and tricks we share in this workshop, you will learn how to project confidence and be memorable, whether you're speaking to five or 500 people.


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