Communication in Conflict Situations

November 9, 2017


The ability to deal with conflict is crucial in today’s society. To do so one must master the underlying principles of communicating in a conflict situation. If one masters these principles, they can apply various techniques for each unique situation. It is not the absence of conflict that is needed it is the ability to manage the conflict.
This one day interactive participant driven seminar will explore stereotyping and self-fulfilling prophecies, which contribute to the escalation of conflict. In this class, we will explore the “Six Underlying Causes of Conflict”, along with “Fair and Unfair Rules of Fighting”. Students will examine how bias are formed and how to overcome them.


Major Topics to be Presented Include

The 3 distinct levels of communication
How inferences are formed
Self-fulfilling prophecies
Strategies for working through misunderstandings
Explore the 5 distinct styles of conflict resolution and their advantages & disadvantages
Find your favorite style for resolving conflict and develop your least favorite for resolving conflict
Obtain specific skills for managing various conflict situations
Challenge your attitude towards conflict.


This Seminar is Ideal for 

Supervisors and Managers interested in developing their communication and conflict resolution skills
Anyone who deals with the Public
Anyone involved in the deescalating of Customer Complaints
Anyone on the receiving end of escalating conflict
Mediation and Arbitration Professionals
Human Resource Personnel and Employee relations Professionals
All positions in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
Business Leaders and Owners


Seminar Leader

Steve Robichaux is President of Capital City Consultants. He has been professionally affiliated with LSU Continuing Education for over 25 years. Steve was an instructor in the LSU Executive Education Program for fifteen years. Steve has an MBA and Undergraduate Degree in Psychology from LSU. As an active consultant Steve specializes in Conflict Resolution, Team Building, Motivating and empowering your employees. Steve has worked with companies such as Schlumberger, EMC, Albemarle, CLECO, and Turner Industries.


Louisiana Training Grants

Your company may be eligible for up to 100% reimbursement through the Louisiana Small Business Employee Training (SBET) Program ( To be reimbursed for the training, the application must be submitted and approved prior to the training taking place. For more information about the SBET eligibility criteria and online application process, contact Kandie Montgomery at 225-578-1214.


Course Details

Course Code: PBCIC
Fee: $395 (includes lunch) 
CEUs: 0.6


For more information

or contact Kandie Montgomery at 225-578-1214.