World-class business consulting 

As an award-winning business leadership and management company, Capital City Consultants has professionally trained thousands of employees, mid-level managers, top-tier executives and world-class athletes. Whether it's private strategic counsel or a department-wide workshop, our interactive sessions will transform the way your company views work, leadership and innovation.


Conflict resolution

It is not the absence of conflict–but the ability to deal with conflict. It’s the resolution we need for progress.

Team Building

Playing well with others is not often taught in school, but it is necessary in industry today.


Motivation and Productivity

How do we get people to do the little extras or “Lagniappe”? Motivation is an inside job.



One must be sensitive to the qualities of a Leader, the people being lead and the situation one is in.


Stress Management

Society rewards people who handle pressure well. How to handle stress is imperative.


Time Management

We all have 24 hours in a day. Why do some accomplish more than others?


Interpersonal Communication

Those who communicate well are a step ahead in this world.


Presentation Skills

It takes only 8 seconds to form an impression. Learn how to put your best foot forward.